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I've been a Childbirth Educator, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher for over 15 years. The amazing homebirth of my son in 1994 awoke in me a passion for all things birthing. If I could do it, anyone could! I struggled with choosing a place of birth and caregiver, with postnatal depression and lack of support, breastfeeding, moving interstate and finding myself. I aim to help women with all of these issues and more, so that they become mothers feeling strong and supported and loved and confident.

Reality Birth

Robbie, Robbie, Robbie.  WTF were you thinking? I guess you, like everyone else in the modern ‘online’ world, saw Robbie Williams’s spectacle this week at the bedside of his labouring wife.  What a display of bloody narcissistic arrogance.  Way to … Continue reading

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How’s your pelvic floor?

November 2014 is Pelvic Floor Month at Fit for Birth.  What??? and why??? I’ve become aware that most women (a) don’t know how to activate their pelvic floor/core muscles correctly (b) may have an idea of how to do it … Continue reading

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